Caterease software offers something for everybody. Both the desktop and web-based options of our state-of-the-art program come in three different versions - Express, Standard and Professional. All three offer comprehensive event and client management. The Standard version goes far beyond the basics and offers more advanced tools and reports to simplify your workday. The Professional version offers all the bells and whistles, providing cutting-edge features with a focus on saving your company time.

With these three versions, Caterease offers the perfect package for any sized budget!  Choose the program that you feel most comfortable with today, and then feel free to upgrade to a different version whenever you are ready!  A software program that grows with your company.  That’s flexibility.  That’s Caterease!

Express Version

The Express version of Caterease is comprehensive event management. Using this state-of-the-art program, you can enter all information pertinent to your events, design and print custom contracts, invoices and kitchen prints and even track your events using flexible calendars and graphs and detailed reports. In addition, the Express version also allows you to manage your client database. Once client information has been entered into the program, it will never have to be retyped. Clients can be retrieved, reviewed and examined with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Standard Version

The Standard version of Caterease has every feature the Express version has and more. Among the popular features this powerful program adds are:  advanced reporting options; instant custom data exporting; single-click event copying; menu item ingredients and packing lists; event shift and staff management; and more!

Professional Version

The Professional version of Caterease offers all of the above features and much more. This version gives an added focus to saving your company time. Features such as Batch Emailing allow you to reach out to multiple customers or prospects with a single mouse click, while advanced querying tools put the answers to literally any question you could have right at your fingertips.  With a focus on saving time, this version has every feature you could ever want in an event management software, and some you’ve never dreamed possible.


Q: If I choose to start with the Express version, can I upgrade later?
A: Absolutely.  The upgrade process is seamless.  You will not lose or have to re-enter any data.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade from one version to another?
A: When upgrading from one version to another, your only cost would be the difference between the price of the two versions – period.

Q: Is the Express version specifically for smaller operations, and the Professional version for large businesses?
A: Not necessarily.  More specifically, the Express version is PRICED to appeal to smaller operations.  However, the versions are really all about functionality. The chart located on the Version Comparison page should help you to determine which version is most applicable for your company. And remember – you can upgrade any time you are ready.