Frequently Asked Questions

A: Of course. You can install Caterease on your company’s network, and have multiple people using the same program simultaneously. You simply pay for as many simultaneous licenses as you need.
A: Yes. You can use Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp or Remote Desktop. You can also use third-party services like GoToMyPC. Caterease network licenses can be used from any computer that you have connected to your network, either locally or remotely.
A: Caterease Desktop’s hardware requirements are fairly lenient by today’s computer standards. A detailed list of hardware requirements for Caterease Desktop can be accessed here. Caterease Connect™, the web-based program option, has really no hardware requirements and can be accessed from any computer with a high-speed internet connection (including Mac).
A: No! Caterease Connect™, our web-based program, offers the same functionality as our state-of-the-art desktop program.
A: Not at all. Programs that run in a web browser are limited to that environment’s functionality. Caterease Connect™ uses Citrix Server technology to allow you to access Caterease and all of its amazing features from any computer with an internet connection.
A: Caterease Connect™ offers both annual and month-to-month subscription options to fit any budget.
A: Yes, you can, and all of your data will be transferred as well. Obviously, any applicable fees and credits would be determined on a case-by-case basis.
A: Absolutely. The upgrade process is seamless. You will not lose or have to re-enter any data.
A: When upgrading from one version to another, your only cost would be the difference between the price of the two versions – period.
A: Not necessarily. More specifically, the Express version is PRICED to appeal to smaller operations. However, the versions are really all about functionality. The chart located on the Version Comparison page should help you to determine which version is most applicable for your company. And remember – you can upgrade any time you are ready.
A: As many as you want! Caterease has a Print Designer, that allows you to create as many contracts, invoices, back-of-house prints, etc. as your company needs. You can determine what information will appear on those prints, and even give the prints any titles you want.
A: No, not at all. We provided a half-dozen or so professionally designed print templates that you can choose from and then modify to suit your needs. But you won’t be starting with a blank white piece of paper and having to create the entire document.
A: The amazing Caterease query tools allow you to search for any information you want and then display those details in a customizable grid display. You can then export that grid or print it out as a completely customized report.
A: If you fall into that small percentage of users who cannot get exactly what their looking for from our robust list of prints and reports, we are happy to customize a unique document for your company for a nominal fee.
A: You can change your program at any time. Not only can you easily move from one version of the program (Express, Standard, Professional) to another, but you can also add any add-in feature – banquet rooms, concurrent network users, etc. – easily at any time.
A: Wow – that’s like asking a mother which is her favorite child! Explore the detailed explanations of each of the modules and consider which one best fits your company’s needs. And remember, you can always add modules later if you want to!
A: Yes, you can – however, let us explain why we don’t recommend it. We have a team of people whose entire job is entering customer data. They do it quickly, and they do it well. We have discovered that when customers opt to do it themselves, a couple of things happen. First, they become less excited to dive into the new Caterease program they just purchased, because they are aware that the first thing they’ll have to do is tedious data-entry. And often, because they are unfamiliar with how the program works, they do not enter the data in the optimal format and thus ultimately are unhappy with their setup. Therefore, we highly recommend you have us do the input.
A: Nothing is hard-coded. If you would like to make some changes to your data after we have set it up, you are more than welcome to. However, at least the lion’s share of the initial setup will be completed for you.
A: That depends on the program you own. First of all, it is included in your subscription if you are using Caterease Connect™, our web-based product. If you are using the desktop program, plans start as low as $350.00 for a standalone Express version.
A: Nothing could be easier. If you have Caterease Connect™, you don’t have to do a thing! Our team will take care of all updates for you. If you are using the Caterease desktop program, you will be notified by email as soon as an update is released. Then all you have to do is click “Download Latest Update from Web” in the Caterease Help drop-down menu, and your program will be updated automatically. If you are using Caterease on a network, each workstation will detect the update the next time they open the program, and install the necessary files automatically.