New in Version

Caterease v16 – Our most powerful, most comprehensive update in years. With a brand new, lightning-fast Microsoft SQL database and hundreds of exciting new features, this is the update you have to have. Click the link to see What’s New in Caterease v16?

Check out just some of our amazing new tools and enhancements:

We’ve added the option to archive events without event dates.
We’ve added the Allergy field to the Event Wizard. This field defaults from the Allergy associated with an account or from a web inquiry’s Allergy.
You are now able to ensure that each event of a certain type has at least one associated sub-event. You will be notified, via prompt, if the requirement is not met.
We’ve added the ability to break cost-per-guest subtotals down at the sub-event level.
The new Menu Item Usage tool shows you how many of each menu item has been ordered for the day or days surrounding a party – so your chef can make more of one item instead of having to create something different.
The all-new “All-Menus” toggle lets you incrementally search through every item in your menus and then, when you toggle back, you are brought to that specific item in its menu and even sub-menu.
The Quick Item Insert feature has been totally updated in v16, so any letters you type search through any details related to menu items. Instantly that item is retrieved into your event.
An incremental search tool has been added to the Select Tax Schedule window in Event Manager so you can quickly locate a tax schedule.
Three new fields, Primary Room, Primary Site Name, and Coordinator, have been added to the Event Manager grid.
An Auto-Expand Contacts feature has been added to the Event Wizard which will expand the contact list with each incremental search. This feature also applies to each search using one of the Finder tools.
The Event Wizard now gives you access to the popular Scratch Pad tool so you can quickly grab large blocks of text as you book your new events.
When copying events, the program will now warn you if any of the new copies you’re creating have conflicts associated with them so you can quickly retrieve the event and address any issues prior to copying.
The Event Costing Summary has been updated to display even more information. If your security settings allow you to see employee financial information, this tool will now allow you to view employee hours and wages.
The All-Menus Search feature lets you start typing – and Caterease will search for those letters ANYWHERE in ANY FIELD related to your menus. Double-click the item, and you are taken directly to the menu, the submenu, and the specific item.

In v16, the Multiple Payments Processing utility is easier to use (more intuitive) than ever before.

Contact Manager, Employee Manager, and Prospect Manager have been significantly updated to incorporate new tools and navigation enhancements, resulting in a decreased initial load time and a considerable increase in navigation, sorting, and filtering.
With this feature, you are able to import legacy event information into Caterease, for tracking purposes. This tool also allows you to import all of your point-of-sale transactions so they can be included in your financial reports and queries.
Added many context-sensitive topics to our Help menu. Press your F1 key on any window in the program to access a popup window, which will provide basic information and links to additional resources.
Caterease now uses Microsoft SQL database. SQL has replaced Advantage as our back-end database system. SQL is faster, more robust, and offers increased stability of data by providing unparalleled security and the fewest vulnerabilities.
The Tools option has been moved to the Home ribbon tab at the top of the screen. This list is completely dynamic; the Tools menu you see will be the tools you need for each specific area of the program (Scheduler, Account Manager, Event Manager, etc.). What’s more, this list is now also customizable: Drag and drop your desired options (or remove options) and then position them as you want.
The customization option for the Tools toolbar in your various Managers has been streamlined, as well, so you can put your most commonly used tools here, your “every-so-often” tools in the Tools drop-down, and remove tools you’re never going to use.
Version 16 introduces the long-awaited “automatic notifications” feature that can be set to notify you (or anyone on your team) about changes made in the program. Notifications pop up immediately here in this tool, and can also be automatically sent via e-mail or text. You determine what you want to be notified of by setting custom conditions.
If you’re accessing Caterease Connect on a tablet (or even using the desktop or hosted program on a smaller laptop), the new Tablet View will adjust those ribbon tabs at the top of the screen to save valuable screen real estate. You can even hide the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the screen, remove the window tabs, and then set your various windows to “perfect fit.” A handy new font-formatting tool makes formatting text a breeze, even in this streamlined display.
If you’ve already updated your Microsoft Office Suite to Office 2016, our new color scheme probably looks familiar to you. If you haven’t, this is just Caterease keeping pace with those common tools (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), that you use daily. Of course, all of our images and icons throughout the program have been updated to complement the new, modern color scheme.
Ribbon Display Options have been optimized in order to maximize screen real estate, and ribbon shortcut keys have been enhanced for easy navigation throughout the program.
All of the various data-entry tools throughout Caterease have been updated and enhanced. An all-new color selection tool for font colors, a new calendar tool for date fields, updated Scheduler Notes, and a new font dialog window are just a few examples of our latest offerings.
Many additional user-defined fields have been added to practically every level in the program. These fields can be displayed anywhere in their respective areas of the program or on various event prints.
The powerful Backstage Tab in Caterease has undergone significant changes. In addition to numerous aesthetic enhancements, we’ve added a handy Return button at the top left of the tab so you can instantly return to other areas of your program. We also added a Go To Event button so you can quickly navigate to your selected event. New sidebar options have been added, as well: Notifications can be viewed for quick, easy reference, as can the powerful Event Checklist. We’ve added a convenient Print button in most of the backstage areas, for quick-and-easy printing.
Version 16 includes an updated way of handling the occurrence of anomalous or exceptional conditions via an error reporting feature which will log details into our internal database. Now, if you are ever working in the program and encounter some type of error, you can instantly communicate that to the Caterease support team so it can be immediately addressed.
One of the most incredible and widely anticipated new options in Caterease v16 is the new Web Inquiry Module, where you can create a custom web form and place it on your website. Your customers can then fill out their contact information and even basic event details, such as date, guest count, etc., and then submit the information directly into your Caterease program. Instantly Caterease informs you that a new web inquiry has been submitted, and the new Web Inquiry Manager lets you process (or reject) that new lead or new party.
Caterease is pleased to offer an interface with PayPal, for credit card processing. You can elect to use PayPal as the merchant service to process the card (or you can use it simply as a gateway to another merchant service, including First Data, Authorize, etc.).
Use this dynamic new interface to create detailed floor plans to scale, guest lists, and seating arrangements.
An incremental search tool has been added to the Default Taxes window (and to the Select Tax Schedule window in Event Manager) so you can quickly locate a tax schedule.
We’ve added two optional report layouts for the Ingredients Report and the Required Items Report: Drill Down Header and Standard Summary. Choose Drill Down Header Layout for printed output or exporting to PDF; choose Standard Summary Layout when exporting to an Excel spreadsheet.
Our popular Monthly Planner Report now shows banquet room blockings in addition to details of actual events. The Event Sheet has been enhanced to list banquet room blockings chronologically, in line with other event details.
The Required Items Report has been modified to include both required items and food/service items that are marked as required items.
The Ingredients Report now has an option to convert all summary units to the ingredient’s procurement unit. Additionally, there is an option to designate if sub-recipe ingredients are to be included in the report.
The Yearly Sales Comparison Report can now be based on Event Date or Booked Date.
The Condensed Report Layout in the Event Master Report has been modified to allow for all selected event information to display on the report.
We’ve added Filter Tabs to windows in the Event Wizard (and also to Account Manager, Prospect Manager, Contact Manager, and Employee Manager). When selecting a client, you now can quickly find customers by name in these handy Rolodex-style tabs. You can even create your own custom tabs to combine multiple letters into one tab.
We have made it simpler for a user to see if an action cannot be taken in the current situation. Now, if user’s security is set to Read-Only mode on all or even some of the fields in the program, the display will clearly indicate that by graying out those fields.Several new security settings have been added to the program to correspond with our new interfaces and other tools that have been added. Other miscellaneous settings have been added: Users can be prohibited from attaching (or deleting) related files to a closed event, and users can be prohibited from exporting prints to Word or Excel.
We’ve added the option to archive events without event dates.

Version 16 introduces the ability to quickly restore deleted Marketing Tools Documents.
Several financial fields have been added to the Sub-Event Merge Table in Marketing Tools: Subtotal; Gratuity; Service Charge; Tax; Total; CPG (Total); CPG (Subtotal).

Menu item ingredients have been COMPLETELY enhanced in v16. Your recipes can have SUB-recipes – or even sub-recipes of sub-recipes. You can even make up your own custom units of measure, whether they have official measurements (“pinch,” “drop,” “jigger”) or whether you create custom conversions (like how many “slices” are in a loaf). We have also added a new “procurement unit” field, so your ingredient reports can list all necessary items in the unit in which you purchase them.
We have changed the look of the Recipe tab, combining ingredients, instructions, and an image of the item into one comprehensive view. We’ve also changed the lingo a little. While previous versions used the term “recipe” to refer to the explanation of how to make a menu item, v16 uses a complete RECIPE tab to show the ingredients necessary for an item and the instructions (the old “recipe”) of how to create it. There’s even a default “servings” number you can associate with a recipe – so if you choose a recipe that serves five people and you need it for ten guests, Caterease will simply double all of the ingredients listed.
Required Items have been totally revamped, as well. You now have the ability to create a packing unit (cases, boxes, crates, etc.), and indicate how many of each required item can fit into each unit. In v16, menu items themselves can be designated as required items. Version 16 also allows you to associate required items with site locations, so when you establish a site location for an event, its specific required items will be added to your packing list automatically.The Event Required Items window has been completely revised, showing required items in both a summary and detailed view. In addition, we’ve added back the ability to make up a unique, one-time required item on-the-fly in a party.
We have added a Layout View in Menu Manager to let you easily review any aspects of a menu item. You’re able to customize this display to show any details you want, resulting in a comprehensive reference about any menu item.
The all-new “All-Menus” toggle lets you incrementally search through every item in your menus and then, when you toggle back, you are brought to that specific item in its menu and even sub-menu.
The All-Menus Search feature lets you start typing – and Caterease will search for those letters ANYWHERE in ANY FIELD related to your menus. Double-click the item, and you are taken directly to the menu, the submenu, and the specific item.
The Quick Item Insert feature has been totally updated in v16, so any letters you type search through any details related to menu items. Instantly that item is retrieved into your Menu Manager.

For all event prints, v16 allows you to choose between two formats: lined or shaded. In the Lined option (ideal for printing), lines are lighter, and all shading has been removed from section headings. In the Shaded option (for e-mailed PDF’s), lines are limited and shading is soft. The end result is a flatter, softer, more modern appearance.
Another exciting enhancement you’ll see in v16 is the ability to create custom “sub-lists” or custom event prints. So if you have created a long list of custom prints, you can now group them together for a cleaner look and easier access.
Version 16 makes it incredibly easy to restore something important if you accidentally delete it. In Print Designer, if you inadvertently delete an essential print, you can just go into the program’s all-new Deleted Records Manager and quickly restore the print.
We have added a new “custom translation” to the translations options for your Print Designer event prints. If you’ve acquired several foreign-speaking clients, you can add their native tongue to your list of translated language and then enter in the translations.

You can now choose how you would like to display the Type field in the Food/Service Items Query: as an image, as text, or both.
The query tools in Caterease are now even more powerful in v16. First of all, all queries have been standardized for consistency and functionality. Each query begins with a base query window, where fields can be selected that are specific to the records returned. Filters or query conditions can be set in order to further customize your query results.
All query tools are now able to remain open as you zig-zag around your program, resulting in much faster navigation. So, if you double-click on a party in one of your query grids and then open that event in Event Manager, the query you ran will remain open in the background.
You can now choose to preview the content of any text field, such as Notes, Allergies, Comments, Delivery Notes, Setup Notes, Directions, etc., in any of your query grids, via our new Preview Field tool.
A quick finder tool has been added to all query tools and other grid-style tools, such as menu item selection, ingredient selection, required item selection, etc. Using the new Find panel, you can type in any text and the program will search for that text anywhere in the list currently displayed in the grid. (Available in the Professional version.)

Snap filtering capabilities have been added to all gull grids. Snap filtering, in which you float your mouse pointer over a column heading to reveal filtering options available for that column, allows you to quickly filter out all records that do not match your selection.
In Version 16, grids have been enhanced to allow for both ascending and descending sort order on all full grids. (In prior versions, grids did not offer descending sort order.)
A group footer total has been added to many of the result sets. Simply right-click within a footer to select from a list of calculations, such as Sum, Min/Max, Count, and Average.
A couple of new preference options make the query grid views easier to review: “Show Header Hints” and “Freeze Group Header Panes.” The “Show Header Hints” tool might come in handy when you add multiple columns to a grid, resulting in truncated column names; using the Show Header Hints tool, you can float your mouse over a column heading to see its name in full. When “Freeze Group Header Panes” is enabled, when you scroll through a grid with grouped data, the header of each group will remain in view until you have fully scrolled past all records in that group. Both preferences are enabled by default.

Users can now select only their desired display (Events, Sub-Events, Staff, Reminders, and Scheduled Items) to serve as a default view.
The Scheduler in v16 introduces the exciting new option to establish custom filters, so you only see the records you want to see. You can even save a particular filter as the default view of your calendar screen so, for example, each individual rep can choose to see only his or her specific events.
You now have the ability to view only your work times in your Time view.

If you are a corporation with multiple Caterease installations across several locations, you’ll be pleased to discover an extensive list of new tools to add to your arsenal: You’ll be able to view all locations on the Calendar; include all (or several) locations in reports and queries; share prints, clients, Scratch Pad, Site Locations and other information across the Enterprise; quickly switch from one location to another, to name just a few. Caterease v16 is the update you have to have!