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2018 Spring Catering Trends

We have waited so long and we are finally done with the winter season. The outside weather is starting to warm up and the catering business is starting to boom with spring events. We wanted to share with you some of the hottest spring trends we are seeing so far in the catering industry.

Caterers are coming up with innovative ways of using spring colors in their presentation of their meals. Florals along with bright color foods are in season this spring. Fruits are especially popular. They are both healthy and sweet, which makes them great for serving in creative shapes as is or frozen.

Local & All-Natural Vibes
Fresh and locally grown food is not available year-round in many areas. Spring is when everything is blooming, and people want to be a part of nature. Gone are the days of having processed junk food at your events. Local and all-natural food selections are more popular than ever. Catering chefs all over the world are using things like grass-fed beef, locally grown fruit, and more.

Food Waste
Food waste is a growing concern across all avenues in the hospitality industry. According to the FAO, roughly one third of the food produced in the world gets wasted every year. That number keeps growing, and more and more people are starting to pay attention. Caterers are implementing more systems and processes every day to try and decrease this number. Food waste is one trend that many hope to see on decline in the next few years.

These days almost everything has gone mobile. As a caterer, bringing almost every aspect of your business mobile increases efficiency and a better overall business model. With such a busy season and the constantly changing venues, it’s important that you have things like your menu and guest allergies on one centralized software that can be accessed from any mobile device. Carrying around a bunch of paper copies sets yourself up for a messy disaster.

Spring is a big time of year when it comes to events. There are graduation events, Easter, weddings, and more. Caterers are setting themselves apart from the competition by turning their food into more than just food. They are creating memorable experiences with each of their dishes. Catering stations are very popular right now. At these stations are a chance for the guest and chef to have an interaction. The guests can then have the opportunity to have the food customized more to their liking. Additionally, people are wanting to know more and more about how their food is cooked. When it’s done right in front of them, they feel more involved in the process.

Batching Cocktails
More and more caterers are batching cocktails before big events. They are finding it to be a more efficient process especially in the warmer months when people want their events outside. Not all cocktails can be batched so be sure to check these tips out.

Food for Social Media
Posting food on Instagram is huge right now. With the weather becoming nicer, people want to see and like spring inspired food. When event guests share your food across various channels, it can be a great way to get free marketing from your event guests.

Classics with A Twist
Some things never go out of style. From the Memorial Day cookout to the Easter Sunday brunch. These events are here to stay. For the Memorial Day cookout, things like hot dogs and hamburgers are always a big feature. While Easter brunch often has a variety of breakfast foods. This spring, people are doing more. For example, they are doing vegie burgers for more healthy options and creating breakfast items such as eggs in puff pastries.

In the end…
Spring into your next catering event with style. Think about everything that is trending, and add your own flavor to it. It is a great time to see what is working and what is not working so you can dominate the summer season.