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8 Unique Corporate Event Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

If you have ever worked in a corporate environment, you know every time you hear the word “corporate” you think of a strict environment that’s boring and full of politics and procedure. You can make the corporate environment fun, and it’s not hard either. Hosting corporate events can be a great way to boost employee morale, build business partnerships, and recruit new clients. The goal is to host something that everyone will enjoy and has everyone talking after. Checkout our favorite corporate events and how they can benefit the everyday corporate environment.

1. Paintballing
This is one of our favorites here at Caterease. It’s perfect for everyone. It gives the adventure type a thrill, and doesn’t require a specific sporting ability for those who have never tried it. Working in a corporate environment can be stressful at times, and paintballing can also be a great way to relieve some stress. Who wouldn’t love shooting their boss with paint? Paintballing can be a killer team building event for your entire office. However, paintballing wouldn’t necessarily be recommended as an event to woo customers at, because it can sometimes take people out of their comfort zones.

2. Crime Scene Investigation
Sound weird? This is another great team building event, and its way better than doing an old school scavenger hunt. You get to split your office into teams and examine a crime scene. It will give all those CSI buffs an actual chance to relive their favorite show. If you’re trying to woo a new client or partner, this can also be appreciated for its creativity.

3. Exercise Events
Ya we went there, and it can send a great message about an organization. You can invite staff to participate in a charity run or get creative with unique fitness classes. Did you know that there are beer yoga classes? There is something out there for each of your staff members, and this can be a great event to make a regular thing.

4. Zorbing
What is zorbing you ask? Basically, it’s just rolling down hills in a big plastic ball. It’s fun, and will give all your office thrill seekers a chance to get outside and try something new. You can even make it a partner event by fitting two people in a ball at once.

5. Tastings
Forget the everyday wine tasting. Do something different like have an exotic drink or food tastings. Employees love free food or drinks, and if you make it creative it can be enjoyable for them. Tastings can get a little more expensive than other events, but if done right, they can really show a creative side to your corporate event.

6. Water Park or Beach
We love beach events here at Caterease. With the sunny Florida weather that the Caterease office location experiences, the beach is a great opportunity to soak in some rays and get some fresh air from the office. If your office isn’t located near a beach, you can try a water park or other body of water. We do warn that these types of events are not suited for cold weather.

7. Animals
Create an event where you bring animals to the workplace or you take your work staff to zoo. If you want to bring animals to the work place, then you should probably just stick to pet animals like cats and dogs. Everything else, it’s better to take your staff to the zoo. It’s a proven fact that animal interaction can bring a sense of happiness to humans. So why not spread the positivity?

8. Classes
No this does mean having a training class for a specific department’s job duties. This means having a cooking class or an art class. There are a lot of interesting classes that a company can do at the office or at another location. Some great examples would be a sushi rolling class or a drink wine and paint class. Fun classes are trending right now and people will love learning a fun new skill.

Corporate events are meant to be fun. They are designed to get people out of their everyday work environment and cut loose. Don’t be afraid to do something different because at the end of the day when your employees or other work associates have fun, you gain a better reputation and increased overall retention.

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