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Best Online Resources for Caterers

The internet is buzzing these days with all kinds of content. Things are constantly changing in the hospitality industry and it can be hard finding the right resources to help your business.
Keeping up with the latest news and trends within the catering industry is crucial to maintaining a successful business. Below is a list of 10 content resources that every caterer within the hospitality industry should be following:

1. Catering Magazine

Cateringmagazine.com isn’t technically a blog but is filled with enriching content. You can access any of their magazine issues online or sign up to get copies of their magazines mailed to you. They have monthly issues where you can see different advertisements or read about recent news.

2. Tasty Catering

Tasty Catering is a powerhouse catering company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. They regularly post fantastic content with a long list of topics from holiday ideas to recipes that will surely blow your socks off.

3. Catersource

On top of being the premier tradeshow event for caterers every year, their website is filled with industry news and education. They offer limitless resources to catering professional to enhance their business. Catersource produces articles that cover a wide range of topics from business tactics to catering-tested recipes and design ideas.

4. Catering By Michaels

Catering By Michaels is another great catering company in Chicago, Illinois. They post regular content on 17 different categories from catering ideas and inspiration to catering sustainability. They are certainly a top dog in the catering industry and a great website to draw some inspiration from.

5. Special Events

This website is the complete package. It has a whole section dedicated to catering for special events. Their catering section is written by hotel caterers and off-premise caterers that includes coverage of different menu items, service styles, and presentation.

6. Hospitality & Catering News

This website should be your one stop shop for any hospitality and catering news within the UK. Their goal is to bring together buyers and sellers of services and products in the hospitality industry.

7. Restaurant & Catering Magazine

This is the central association for all things restaurant and catering in Australia. They have everything on here from product guides to countless marketing tips.

8. National Restaurant Association

You can’t be in the hospitality industry and not follow this website. The National Restaurant Association is the largest foodservice trade association in the world. They support over 500,000 restaurant businesses and their goal is to empower all restaurant owners and operators to achieve more than they thought was possible.

9. International Caterers Association

This is a great website to have a membership for. The International Caterers Association provides education, encourages peer to peer relationships and inspires creativity within all segments of the catering industry.

10. Leading Caterers of America

This site brings together the best of the best within the catering industry in the United States and Canada. It’s an invitation only membership group. However, if you have not been invited it can be a great resource to gain inspiration from current members that are in your state.

Time To Get Reading

We are in a content driven culture. Our list only names a few resources worth following. Find the resources that work best for both you and your business.