Caterease Announces Aggressive New Simplified Pricing Structure

Caterease, the world’s most popular catering and event planning software program, is now also one of the world’s least expensive. The industry giant announced this week an all-new aggressive and simplified pricing structure that allows new users to get into the program for surprisingly little money down.

“This is huge,” says Phil Russo, Caterease Sales Manager. “It’s the first time in a decade that Caterease has changed pricing for its hosted program, and we’ve actually made it less expensive for people to come onboard!”

Under the new pricing, new Caterease users can get a fully customized copy of the industry-leading program for as little as $85.00 (US) per month, after a one-time $200.00 (US) configuration fee. Even the most advanced version of Caterease, the Professional version, is only $165.00 (US) per month after the same minor one-time fee.

In addition to these amazing new prices, huge discounts are available for users who opt to pay the first year upfront, rather than going month-to-month. Annual subscriptions of Caterease offer an additional 20% off of all subscription prices – bringing the starting price for this incredible program down to a stunning $68.00 (US) per month.

“To think that users can get more than 25 years of development, the most feature-rich program available and the largest and best support team in the industry for only $68.00 a month is amazing,” Russo notes.

How is it possible to get the most popular program in the industry for such a low price? Among other things, Caterease Director of Corporate Sales Chris Kopriva credits economies of scale.

“There’s an advantage to having such a popular program with such a huge client base,” Kopriva says. “Not to mention the fact that in over 25 years we have never taken a penny of venture capital, leaving us indebted to no one. That financial independence, combined with our incredible market share, gives us the freedom to pass tremendous savings on to our customers.”

“Caterers and Event Planners want the best software program to help their businesses grow,” Russo adds. “And now – they can get the best for less money than they probably ever dreamed.”

For more information or a detailed quote of Caterease prices, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or

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