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Us vs. Them

Software is designed to save you time. When you compare the sophisticated, user-friendly design of Caterease to the limited tools of our competitors, the differences are striking. Compare websites; compare screenshots; compare demos. It won’t take you long to see the difference.


Look & Feel

Caterease looks and acts like other Windows programs you have used.

If you have ever used Microsoft Word or Outlook or Excel – you have used Caterease. Tools you already know – drop-down menus, right-click options, familiar toolbar buttons, etc. – mean that you have absolutely no learning curve to start using the program!

Others make up their own design rules.

Most other products make up their rules as they go along, and none of them have tools you are already used to. This means you waste hours of extra time just trying to familiarize yourself with an unfamiliar, unfriendly environment.

Hosted Solution

Caterease Connect™, our anywhere-access, web-enabled solution, is exactly the same as our desktop program.

All of the incredible tools and functionality that make Caterease unique are available in both the Desktop and Hosted solutions. State-of-the-art Citrix Xenapp technology means that your program and data have the same level of security as used by the Department of Defense. (In fact, military bases worldwide use Caterease Connect to manage their club catering!)

Most web-based programs are run through a browser.

Delays, delays and more delays! In addition to data-entry headaches (no multi-tasking, limited dragging-and-dropping), web-based programs are notorious for forcing users to wait for pages to load, refresh existing pages, open additional screens to make simple edits, etc. So much wasted time!


Intuitive, user-friendly data-entry tools guide you every step of the way.

Book events and enter data in moments! Completely eliminate any repetitive typing with such tools as:

  • Event Wizard
  • Customizable Quickpick Lists
  • Drop-Down Calendars
  • Drop-Down Calculators
  • Time Wizard Tools
  • Copy Event Tool
  • Copy Menu Tool
  • Mapquest/Google Maps Interface
  • Room Selection Wizard
  • Site Location Database
  • Scratch Pad

Antiquated, cumbersome design makes data-entry slow and laborious.

Not only is it complicated to book events, but most other programs use technology more than a decade old! Some even force you to follow their process, rather than allowing you to automate your own.

Menu Selection

State-of-the-art tools allow you to create any custom event menu instantly and easily.

Building a menu for an event couldn’t possibly be easier. Consider these options:

  • Drag and drop individual or groups of items from menus to events
  • Optionally edit menu items on-the-fly within events
  • Add custom menu items with just a mouse click
  • Dynamically review menu items of multiple events at one time
  • Automatically include advanced menu item details – ingredients, packing list items, prep instructions, etc. – along with the items you retrieve
  • Optionally edit these advanced details on-the-fly within events
  • Add images of menu items to be included on event prints

Structured, inflexible, unfriendly tools make menu creation very laborious.

Building a menu is one of the most common things you do. These rigid, cumbersome tools add much unnecessary time and effort to the event booking process.


Optionally include detailed ingredients and costing automatically whenever menu items are retrieved, and modify these details on-the-fly within individual events if necessary.

Much less work and more consistency for your data-entry people! Each sales representative simply grabs the menu items he or she wants, and all of the necessary information comes in automatically behind the scenes, and calculates based on the quantity of items ordered! Then complete and accurate cost and profit information is literally a mouse click away!

If it’s done at all, it’s generally a complicated affair.

Not only does it take your sales reps significantly longer to enter their data, but there is much more opportunity for error and inaccuracy. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with cost and profit.

Shift/Staff Management

Wizards and other powerful tools let you quickly manage both shifts and individual employees for each of your events.

Whether you are responsible for scheduling specific employees or simply requesting two bartenders for a party, the process couldn’t be easier: Establish rules for how many bartenders, servers, etc. you need based on type of event, guest count or other criteria.

Instantly retrieve both shifts and specific employees with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Avoid any staff conflicts with detailed schedules for all employees.

Optionally have staffing affect price and/or cost of events.

Have shift details appear on event prints if desired.

Manage shifts for any number of events from one single, user-friendly window.

Instantly email details of available shifts to a group of employees with a single mouse click.

Easily pass all shift and staff information to Staffmate online scheduling software through a dynamic interface.

Perhaps you can book a waiter or a bartender, and perhaps you can even generate a print to show the details. But nothing comes close to the sophistication of Caterease.

More time wasted, more costly mistakes – including the risk of double-scheduling an employee, or understaffing an important event!

Banquet Room Diagramming

Advanced, single mouse click interfaces with the leading diagramming software program.

Once you book an event in Caterease, one single mouse click not only opens your room diagramming program but also does the following: Puts you on the default diagram for the specific room you’ve booked in your Caterease event.

Chooses the specific setup style you have chosen in your Caterease event.

Automatically populates that room diagram with the appropriate number of tables and chairs, based on the guest count of the party you’ve booked in Caterease.

Dynamically passes all event information – client name, date, times, etc. – into your room diagramming program.

They might open the diagramming program, and then call that an interface.

You do all the work. In most cases, the only effort you’ve been saved is double-clicking an icon. You still have to enter event information. You still have to choose a setup style. You still have to enter a guest count. You still have to waste your time with repetitive data entry.

Event Prints (Contracts, Back-of House)

The revolutionary Caterease Print Designer allows you to create and modify any number of custom event prints.

Not only can you make up as many contracts, invoices, back-of-house prints, etc. as you want and decide what specific details appear on those prints, but you can also control fonts, include images of your menu and control your company’s image to your customers.

You get what you get, and it looks how it looks.

The prints they offer are hard-coded – which means not only are you limited in the variety of prints you have at your disposal, but your company’s image is not under your control.

Email Capabilities

No one does email better than Caterease, with its user-friendly email windows that mirror familiar Microsoft Outlook tools.

No learning curve with email tools that are instantly recognizable.

Any event print is automatically attached in .pdf or other format.

Appropriate email address defaults automatically, and others can be chosen from a custom address book.

Custom merge letters can be instantly inserted as the body of the outgoing email, achieving personalized communication in an instant!

History of emails sent – complete with date, time and a copy of the email body – are created with a single mouse click.

Individual email settings for each user – all outgoing emails are sent through your normal email provider.

Any return correspondence comes right back to your regular email address.

Sure, they can email – but the tools are clumsy and unfamiliar, and the process is tedious and cumbersome.

Batch Emailing Capabilities

Why send emails one at a time, when you can send 50 at once – or 150?

Email an entire group of contracts (or other event prints) with one mouse click.

Imbed a custom merge letter as the body of the email, so each recipient’s letter looks custom-typed.

Do an entire day’s worth of work in two minutes.

Do an entire day’s worth of work in – well, an entire day.


Attractive, detailed reports with many customizable options.

Instantly access important information about your business in a variety of easy-to-read layouts. Optionally elect to suppress various details, rearrange information or select different details to appear on the report.

Common reports are available in canned layouts with little or no options.

Querying Tools

Use these powerful tools to answer literally any questions you might have about your business. For example, you can:

  • List all events during a certain date range, having a certain theme, booked by a certain sales rep – and a host of other custom query conditions.
  • Customize the results of your search – choosing which details to display, sorting or grouping by a particular detail, etc. – effectively creating a custom report.
  • Print your custom results, giving the print any title you want.
  • Export your details in a variety of formats instantly.
  • Save your custom queries for future use – so this same type of information can be a single mouse click away.
  • Save your custom results layouts for future use – so these specific details are instantly available.
  • Generate contracts, invoices and other event prints for any and all parties simultaneously.
  • Generate multiple prints for any and all parties simultaneously.
  • Send an email – complete with attachments – for any and all parties simultaneously.

Nothing even comes close.

Zigzag Technology

Open multiple windows at any one time, zigzagging from one screen to another and back again.

Imagine this scenario:

You are working hard editing an event, when your phone rings. One of your customers needs you to make a change to her order and email her a new contract immediately!

In Caterease, you can simply open that customer’s event in a separate window, make the changes she needs and email the contract in an instant.

THEN, when you close that second (or third, or fourth!) window down, you are brought right back to where you left off – as if you never had the interruption!

Older technology and heavier resource use mean multi-tasking is out of the question.

Forget about opening multiple windows. In most cases, every move you make is predetermined. And cumbersome. And redundant.


Our in-house development team offers regular updates that are packed with features and COMPLETELY FREE with an active Maintenance Plan (Desktop) or current subscription (Hosted).

Not only do you stay on the cutting edge, but you also get hundreds of new tools that specifically address your business needs – since they’re based on requests from users just like you!

Development is often contracted out, so updates are long in coming and expensive, with only a few minor enhancements.

If the program doesn’t have it now, it probably never will.

Web Ordering

Dynamic, friendly web ordering the Caterease way.

Your customers use Zuppler Online Ordering – an attractive, user-friendly environment to enter event details over the web – and those orders are instantly processed to your Caterease program – where you can decide whether or not to confirm them. You can control which customers can process their own events, which menu items they can choose from and establish rules for orders placed over the web.

Limited control and flexibility, often with very complicated design.