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The Future of Virtual Reality In The Event Industry

One of the most exciting advances in technology that will impact the way we do business within the event management industry is rising use of the Virtual Reality (VR) capability. It is revolutionizing the way that we work with clients, market destinations and visualize design. The impact of VR on the event planning industry is expected to be huge!


In the past, virtual reality was only seen in movies, games and our imagination. However, today you are able to purchase of pair of virtual reality goggles from platforms such as Apple or Android, easily download an app to access your project or event, and then see an entire venue as if you were there, standing in the room.


The events industry is in the business of creating experiences. This vivid visualization that VR offers pre-delivers experiences to venues, vendors, and clients in a way that has never previously been possible in this industry!


Virtual Reality can really be thought of as the next iPad! Technology will continue to impact the event management industry in so many new and exciting ways. Destination planning, in particular, will involve a whole new approach. This new virtual reality technology will allow event professionals to easily work with their clients from afar. A vendor team can also use VR for virtual walk-throughs in place of on-site meetings. This saves time, providing operational efficiency.


Whether you sell local weddings or destination events, you can look forward to the advancements that will soon be available to you thanks to VR technology. Turn your bridal show or trade show booth into an imagination station and invite your couples in to your venues and designs. You will soon see an improvement in the number and quality of bookings you successfully secure. It’s a form of tech advancement that has been long anticipated!


Imagine being at a tradeshow with the ability to transport your potential customer right into your ballroom so that they can see the stunning staircase that they will enter their reception from and experience the stunning chandeliers that hang from the ceiling and you didn’t even have to schedule a site visit. This could mean booking right on the spot rather than simply taking their information for later contact and consultation.


The engaging interaction of using virtual reality to show a space makes both preliminary sales and upselling that much easier!


AllSeated has been updated to include technology that interacts with a wide range of VR headsets, including Facebook’s Oculus, HTC’s Vive and the Samsung Gear VR. Some of our customers have reported closing more than ten new events per year solely due to the event visualization experience we provide. Incorporating VR technology into your sales process is expected to have the same effect on wedding sales across the board.


AllSeated delivers the world’s finest event experiences through intense product innovation, a focus on providing amazing customer support and radical simplification of the event planning process. We have transformed the event industry from paper-and-pencil to an all-digital platform where the entire event ecosystem – venues, caterers, planners, vendors, wedding couples and hosts – can come together to collaboratively delight their clients and grow their businesses with tools to manage guest lists, arrange seating charts, create timelines, design floorplans to-scale, virtual reality walk-throughs using our 360 RealPlans-3D viewing, designer tools, and more. In 2017, one in ten U.S. events was created with AllSeated and we are only getting started.

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