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The current Desktop update is Caterease v16 Build 1656, released on May 22, 2017.
To obtain the most recent Desktop update, please contact our Technical Support team at 239.261.6617 or via e-mail at

The latest release for Caterease Connect is Caterease v16 Build 1656, released on May 22, 2017. Caterease Connect updates are automatically installed.

Latest Features

No other software program updates as aggressively as Caterease – and, best of all, these updates are automatic and absolutely free of charge with an active maintenance plan! Every new Caterease build introduces dozens of new features, and major new releases offer hundreds of program enhancements. Below are just a few examples of some powerful features added to recent releases – and this is only in the past twelve months! Visit this page often and learn what’s new with the event management industry’s most powerful and most progressive software application.

Vantiv Interface

Caterease is pleased to offer an interface with Vantiv, one of the world’s largest, most trusted Internet payment companies. With the Caterease-Vantiv interface, Caterease stores a token that links to the specific credit card in the fully PCI-compliant Vantiv database. An unlimited number of credit cards can be kept on file for an account’s contacts and, once added, the credit card number, expiration date, and security code will not need to be re-entered.

Vantiv Interface Security

We have added three security settings that, when checked, will enable a user to perform the following credit card-processing operations: process credit cards, process credit card reversals, and process credit card returns. (Similarly, users can also be restricted from performing any of these new credit card-processing operations.)

Scheduler Settings

We have added the field “Guaranteed” (Guests) to the list of display fields in both the Event Display and Sub-Event Display of the Scheduler. To to accomplish this, Scheduler settings were reset. (Re-create your display fields by right-clicking in the Scheduler and clicking into the checkbox of the desired fields, located in the Display Fields window.)

Change to Menu Costing Update and Menu Pricing Update

We have changed the way the Menu Costing Update and Menu Pricing Update utilities work. Now, you can update the Price of an item based on the item’s own markup percentage, you can update the Price of an item based on the default markup percent (that is entered in the window), or you can update the Price of an item based on the item’s own markup percentage, if available; however, if none is available, the Price will be updated based on the default markup percent that is entered in the window.

Additions to the Backstage Tab

We have added a new feature to the Backstage Tab that will automatically notify a Caterease user of the following new informational notices: Caterease Updates; Regional Trainings; Tips of the Week; Newsletters; Press Releases; Promotional Sales; and Alerts. (Automatic notifications can be disabled from the Information tab in User Preferences, although they will still display in the Information area of the Backstage Tab.)

Google Export

We now have two ways to export events to Google Calendar: Automatic and/or Explicit. When Automatic Exporting is enabled in your Google Calendar Setup, every time a relevant change is saved for an event, the event is transitioned into an export queue at the close of your Caterease session or by exporting from the Select ribbon tab. Explicit Exporting is done, from a single event in Event Manager, by clicking the Export to Google Calendar button. An event can be explicitly imported from the Scheduler by right-clicking on a single event and choosing Export/Synchronize Event to Google Calendar, or multiple events can be exported by selecting more than one event in the Scheduler and choosing options from the pop-up window.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management has been re-released to include new functionality. Any item, including an event required item, can be set as “inventory” and can contain a minimum amount on hand and an in-stock amount. A new tool, the Event Inventory Items window, displays all inventory items, grouped by sub-event, and manages the item’s Out or Return date/times.

Enhanced Navigation

Event Wizard, Account Manager, Vendor List, Site Locations Manager, Contact Manager, Employee Manager, Prospect Manager, and Guestrooms Manager have been updated to incorporate new tools and navigation enhancements, resulting in a decreased initial load time and a considerable increase in navigation, sorting, and filtering.

Caterease/QuickBooks Interface

Linking routines have been enhanced for increased speed.

Scheduler Updates

A Range Control has been added to the Scheduler, to facilitate easy navigation (Professional version). This feature can be customized to reflect user preferences, or hidden, if desired.

An Event Details window has been added, which allows you to view specific event details and access any event-level print.

Enhanced Event Prints

For all event prints, you are now able to choose between two formats: lined or shaded. In the Lined option (ideal for printing), lines are lighter, and all shading has been removed from section headings. In the Shaded option (for e-mailed PDF’s), lines are limited and shading is soft. The end result is a flatter, softer, more modern appearance.

E-mail Templates

E-mail templates, previously only available in the Professional version, are now in the Standard version. Additionally, merge fields can be inserted into the body of your e-mail message, even if you do not own the Marketing Tools add-in module.

Enhanced Navigation

Contact Manager, Employee Manager, and Prospect Manager have been updated to incorporate new tools and navigation enhancements, resulting in a decreased initial load time and a considerable increase in navigation, sorting, and filtering.

Saved Grid Filters

When saving your window settings in various Managers, the current filter of the grids will be saved as well. You can set your Event Manager to only show events for a specific user or within a specific date range. The filter will be honored on the Save and Restore of the window’s settings.

Archive Events

We’ve added the option to archive events without event dates.

Allergy Field Added to Event Wizard

We’ve added the Allergy field to the Event Wizard. This field defaults from the Allergy associated with an account or from a web inquiry’s Allergy.

Enhanced Reports

We’ve added two optional report layouts for the Ingredients Report and the Required Items Report: Drill Down Header and Standard Summary. Choose Drill Down Header Layout for printed output or exporting to PDF; choose Standard Summary Layout when exporting to an Excel spreadsheet.

Enhanced Reports

We have added the option to generate the Revenue Forecast Report in legal size, resulting in the ability to accommodate larger summary totals.

Updated Credit Card Information Window

We have added the ability to Save Current Window Settings to the toolbar in the Credit Card Information window.

Arabic Support

This build, which adds the ability to support Arabic, takes a major step towards being able to support all world languages.

Updated Scheduler Display

Added the option to Show End Time in the Week and Month views of the Scheduler.

Menu Item Recipe Utility

We have added a new utility that updates Menu Item Recipe Ingredients from the current values (Category and Comment) in Ingredient Manager.

Remote Data Manager

With this feature, you are able to import legacy event information into Caterease, for tracking purposes. This tool also allows you to import all of your point-of-sale transactions so they can be included in your financial reports and queries.

Enhanced Help Menu

Added many context-sensitive topics to our Help menu. Press your F1 key on any window in the program to access a popup window, which will provide basic information and links to additional resources.

Ingredients Utility

We have added a new utility in the Ingredients Manager that allows Administrators to change an established ingredient’s “Unit Type.”

Streamlined Screen Customization

We have added the ability to perform quick customization of your screens. This feature, which is enabled on the Miscellaneous tab of your Global Settings, sets the default behavior of your form layouts to “Quick Customizing,” meaning you simply drag and drop layout controls at will.

Enhanced Ingredients Report

Added an Expand Details option to expand details automatically in the Ingredients Report.