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The Importance of Customer Service

In every company, there are many departments working as one cohesive unit to make the business successful. Sales, Human Resources, Accounting, Support and management at different levels all have an integral part in the day to day operation. However, there is one branch of a business that is potentially the most important piece of this puzzle: customer service. According to the Bureau of Labor, customer service accounts for over 3 million jobs in the United States alone – and that number continues to grow. Having exceptional customer service is a great way to separate yourself from the competition.

While most sales departments focus on bringing in new revenue and growing a business, many tend to forget the value of existing clients. It is impossible for a business to grow if it is losing customers just as fast as it is gaining them. Customer service is a great way to plug that “drain,” and allows you the chance to broaden and expand your company. According to a study done by American Express, “3 in 5 Americans would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.” Your existing customers need to be sure that they matter to you, too. Keep them happy, and remember that they are a key factor in your company’s ability to grow.

The easiest way to market your product or service is by word of mouth. Nothing is better for promoting your company than having a great reputation, spread by people who have done business with you. According to recent research performed by Facebook, “people who have a good experience with a company will tell on average 2 or 3 people, whereas people with a negative experience will share with between 9 and 20.” Your customer service rep is exactly the person to put you on the correct side of that statistic, and not having an established customer service base can be catastrophic to your company.

Of course, nothing is more important to a business than the bottom line. Any company that wonders whether they can afford to put extra focus on customer service should instead consider whether they can afford not to. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, “it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.” 6 TO 7 TIMES! The same study also showed that “a totally satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer and 14 times more revenue than a dissatisfied customer.” Not only are these current clients cheaper to maintain, but they will continue to spend more money – and refer more new customers – as long as they are happy.

Unfortunately, offering basic customer service is not enough. According to Lee Resources, “80% of companies claim they deliver ‘superior’ customer service, but only 8% of people who have used these companies agree.” You cannot just preach about your customer service; you need to show a consistent dedication to it every day. It always helps to be proactive in this quest. In another poll by Lee Resources, they found that “for every customer complaint, there are 26 other unhappy customers who remained silent.” Without a well-designed customer service platform for your company, you could be missing out on many opportunities for continued business – and continued success.

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