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Wedding Season Tips For Event Managers

Wedding season can be a lucrative time for event managers. According to the Knot, the most popular time of year in most countries for weddings is during the months of June, August September, and October. It’s easy to see why, since those months generally have the best weather. As wedding season approaches this year, we put together a few tips below to help all event managers.

1. Network
As an event planner, you work with a long list of businesses. From the cake decorator to the dress maker, building strong relationships with these other businesses could be huge for your business. There are many associations you can join to get involved and build relationships with these folks. You wouldn’t want to recommend the wrong caterer to your client, would you?

2. Stay Professional
It’s important to remember that you are not a guest at any of the weddings you manage. You are there to manage the event. Just like any other professional job it’s important you work hard and look the part. You should show up in classy, but durable clothes to get the job done effectively. Your mannerisms should also be professional. A good wedding planner knows how to interact with all of the guests in a strong and positive way.

3. Listen to Mother Nature
Just because wedding season falls into the time of year where is classified at its prime doesn’t mean you shouldn’t account for bad weather. For example, hurricane season is from June to November in Florida. Weddings are booked out usually months in advance, while you may at best have a weeks’ notice of bad upcoming weather. Whether you are managing a destination wedding or the venue is outside and down the street, you will want to ensure you have a contingency plan to bring things close to home and indoors if the need arises.

4. Pay Attention to The Details
The small details are what can make or break a wedding. In order to pay attention to the details of a wedding, you will want to be extremely organized. Constructing a calendar before the big wedding event is crucial to getting everything where it needs to go at the right time. You can do a paper one, or use an event management software system that can send you reminders before each detail happens. Remember that your clients will be looking back on pictures from the wedding for the next 50 or so years. They will not be happy if anything was to go astray or mess up the big day.

5. Get Creative
The one thing that people want most in their weddings is for it to be special. They don’t want it to be like Joe Shmoe’s wedding they attended a few months ago. The wedding should be customized to fit each and bride and groom combined with some pizzazz of their friends and families. To do that, as a wedding planner you must get creative. You can do that by getting to know your clients, and asking all the right questions. If your bride likes pink, then add some pink ribbon around the generic white chairs that you or your venue uses for all your weddings.

6. Referrals
Weddings can be the perfect opportunity to gain new business. When the friends of the wedding party get married they usually go off recommendations or their own personal experiences. They usually wouldn’t want to hire someone brand new, because it can be very risky for such a big event. Remember though, you don’t want to over play this tip. You don’t want to be throwing out your business card to everyone at the event. Just show the guests how good you are at your job, and the referrals will start flowing in.

7. Have Good Communication
When you’re planning a wedding, it’s important that you be assertive and communicate effectively to everyone involved. You could have an extreme bridezilla who wants everything under the moon, but doesn’t have the budget for it. As the event manager, it’s important you communicate effectively to her and give her other solutions to make her dreams come true. At times, you will have to be the bad guy and say no to some things to benefit all parties involved. It’s one thing that all event managers hate but it comes along with the territory.

Just Remember to Breathe…
If you are ever feeling overwhelmed during wedding season, just breathe. If you tie in all of these tips with your experience, you will be fine. Remember to enjoy what you do. You are giving the bride and groom a magical day they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.