Why You Should Have Outsourced AV Production For Your Events

Organizing a successful event is a tough and time-consuming task - finding the right venue, reaching agreements with suppliers, and ensuring that your event reaches its attendance goals are all things that will likely take a lot of your time.
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Organizing a successful event is a tough and time-consuming task – finding the right venue, reaching agreements with suppliers, and ensuring that your event reaches its attendance goals are all things that will likely take a lot of your time.

However, even though all of the above are essential, it’s important not to miss smaller details that, if forgotten, could become a big problem once your event day comes along.

And one of these details is taking care of the audio-visual, or AV equipment.

Although many novice event planners don’t give it much attention and trust that the venue will provide with sufficient equipment, they are often disappointed to find that what the site has to offer doesn’t meet their requirements.

After all, if you’re investing your time and money to make your event as good as possible, you don’t want it all to waste and ruin your reputation by having to deal with subpar AV equipment that may not even work correctly.

That’s why experienced event management production companies usually outsource AV production for their events – that’s the only way to guarantee that you’ll have everything that you need and that there will be no unexpected malfunctions or other issues.

But why does outsourcing the AV equipment make sense for your event?

Well, let’s explore a few of the more prominent reasons below.


Less Hassle for You and Your Team

Let’s face it – you’ll have enough to worry about before and during your event without having to deal with setting up the AV equipment and making sure that it’s working.

Each venue has its own equipment and having to try and figure out how to set everything up and make sure that it works correctly can be a real headache for you and your staff.

But when you hire a professional, you can not only make a list with specific requirements of what you’ll need but also rest assured that the professional service provider will be able to set everything up correctly and monitor the production to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

So, while you may think that paying someone to take over your AV needs is just an additional expense, any leading creative events agency knows that it’s a wise investment because you’ll be able to divert your attention to other aspects of your event and achieve much better overall results.


Better Equipment

One of the worst things that could happen during your event is coming to the venue and finding that the “on-site available equipment” is outdated, too basic, and not at all what you need to make your event a success.

You can’t risk your reputation with amateur-level AV production if you want to impress your attendees and clients, and one of the worst things that could happen is having the equipment fail, delaying the entire event and irritating people in the process.

But with professional AV production services, you can get professional-grade equipment that’s designed to handle world-class events and can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and you’ll make a good impression on everyone involved.

Technology is progressing at a rapid pace, so AV equipment that was good just a few years ago is now becoming outdated. Therefore, you need to hire a professional services provider that regularly updates their inventory and can provide you with the best technological solutions that are available today.


Better Equipment Options

While on-site venue equipment may be good enough for basic needs, if you are organizing more advanced presentations or conferences that feature a lot of media, you don’t want to have to get by with an old projector and some speakers.

Today’s event attendees have high expectations for presentation quality, so if you don’t want to disappoint them, you better have professional AV production that can enhance a speech or presentation and make it better.

And the only way to get that at an affordable rate is to hire a professional AV production company.

It will only have the best top-of-the-line equipment and the AV production experience that can make any event look great, but also the expertise which will come immensely helpful if you’re not sure of exactly what you need and want someone with more knowledge to realize your vision.

Even if you miss something and only find out that you need additional equipment at the last minute, a competent AV production company should be able to make the arrangements on short notice, so you won’t have to scramble trying to figure out how to solve the problem.


Great Value

As we already talked before, while outsourcing AV production may seem like an additional expense, once you consider the value you get, it becomes a clear-cut smart choice in most situations.

Even if the venue offers AV equipment, it likely incurs additional costs, which may be more expensive than what you’d be able to get from an outside company.

Most venues aren’t interested in your event and will want to spend as little time helping you as possible, so while you can usually rent out equipment, you will likely have to figure out what you need and how to use it on your own.

And as we already mentioned, most venues don’t update their inventory often enough to have the newest tech solutions at their disposal, so you may end up paying a premium price for equipment that isn’t worth that much.

With a professional AV production company, you are getting their best equipment, their expertise that can be immensely helpful with setting up your event, and a competitive market price that will fairly reflect what you get.

When you consider all the benefits that you’re getting with an outsourced company, including not having to worry about the production quality and leaving it all to professionals, you will probably never go back to in-house AV production services once you try outsourcing from a competent and reliable provider.