Caterease offers a novel approach: You should only pay for what you need.

In addition to three separate levels of our robust, state-of-the-art program, you can choose from a variety of helpful add-in modules and interfaces for enhanced functionality.


There’s no such thing as a “one-size fits all” software program. Choose the options that best fit your needs to make Caterease the perfect solution for your company.

Check out the powerful addin modules Caterease offers to make your workday even easier!

Banquet Rooms

Take the worry out of booking your venues! Let the Banquet Rooms module instantly warn you of any potential conflicts with double-booking or guest capacity!

Check Availability

The flexible Caterease venue graph allows you to instantly review all banquet room usage in a horizontal or vertical bar graph display. Instantly check room availability and even reserve space directly from the graph itself. Managing your rooms couldn’t possibly get any easier!

Manage Your Venues

Not only can you book new parties directly from your Caterease venue graph, but you can manage your existing parties as well! Drag and drop parties from one room to another or even one date to another. Stretch and shrink parties to make them start a little earlier or end a little later. Make event changes instantly without having to leave this handy, graphic screen!


Extras - Banquet Rooms 


Extras - Banquet Rooms 


Avoid Conflicts

No matter whether you book parties from your venue graph or from any other area of the program, the Banquet Rooms Module will always protect you from any possible conflicts – instantly warning you about double-bookings or issue with guest capacity. The amazing Room Selection Wizard even lets Caterease choose the most appropriate room for you – even concerning itself with your most efficient use of valuable space.

Stop wasting time and effort with inferior or manual banquet rooms management. Get the Caterease Banquet Rooms Module today!


Contact Manager

Never forget another appointment or task again with the handy Caterease Contact Manager!

Create handy pop-up reminders for important tasks – as well as detailed history notes of things you’ve already done!

Pop-Up Reminders 


Pop-Up Reminders

Create reminders that pop-up on your screen to help you remember important tasks and appointments. Just like with Microsoft Outlook, reminders can be set for any data and time – and can be assigned to any Caterease user. And, also like Outlook, you can dismiss or snooze the reminders with just a mouse click.


Detailed History Notes

Create history notes – automatically data and time stamped – of tasks you have already completed, and track these notes easily with various querying and reporting tools. Even optionally have the program create history notes automatically when you perform such common tasks as sending emails to your customers.


Detailed History Notes 


Contact Management and Tracking

Instantly track all history notes and reminders using flexible query and reporting tools. Track based on date, based on user or a variety of other related details. Even manage reminders in a graphic calendar display – alternatively opting to create personal reminders on the fly for any date and time!

With its user-friendly design and its powerful tracking and reporting tools, the Caterease Contact Manager is the perfect addition to an already powerful program.


Marketing Tools

It’s almost impossible to overstate the flexibility of the Caterease Marketing Tools Package. It is essentially a word processor built right into your program. Virtually any event-level print you can imagine can be custom designed by you – giving you complete control over your company’s image.

Merge Letters for Emailing 


Merge Letters for Emailing

Create detailed, custom letter templates for printing or even for use in email correspondence – peppering them with merge fields that dynamically pull specific information directly from the event. Choose any custom letter to be printed or emailed from any event or even an entire GROUP of events, and it will look completely customized for each individual customer. And your fingers never even have to touch the keyboard!


Fully Custom Event Prints

In addition to custom merge letters, the Marketing Tools Package also lets you create any number of completely custom event prints – either for your customers or for your back-of-house team. Go far beyond the templates available in the program’s Print Designer by creating custom merge documents from a blank white page with any look and feel you want. Than handy Merge Table Wizard lets you quickly insert specific information – menu items, staffing, payments, ingredients and more – exactly where you want it. Your prints, your image – your way.


Fully Custom Event Prints 


Robust Word Processing Tools 


Robust Word Processing Tools

With Caterease Marketing Tools, all of your favorite word processing tools are available at your fingertips – inserting images, creating tables (with or without borders), checking spelling, formatting fonts, etc. No longer will you have to open one software program after another. Caterease has everything you need to simplify your busy workday.
Create a limitless library of custom merge letters – and event prints that specifically reflect your company’s image – with the incredible Caterease Marketing Tools Package.


Prospect Manager

The Caterease Prospect Manager allows you to market specifically to prospective leads, and guide them through the entire selling process. Rather than having a large list of prospects scattered throughout your database of active customers (and “Prospective” events throughout your active parties), the Prospect Manager acts as a separate “receptacle” to store those leads – allowing you to prepare proposals, send custom quotes and ultimately convert your leads into sales.

Total Lead Management 


Total Lead Management

Add or even import any number of prospective leads, and manage their statuses, track necessary next actions and easily report on any information. Call leads or email individually (or – in the Professional version – in batch) and then instantly make a detailed history note that is automatically date and time stamped. Add the Marketing Tools Package to create custom email merge letters, and hours of detailed correspondence can be completed in moments!


Detailed Proposal Creation

Create unique proposals – including menu items and detailed financial breakdowns – and then generate or email custom prints for your lead to review. Copy entire proposals with a single mouse click to make minor changes and generate an updated quote. No duplicate data-entry; no wasted time!


Detailed Proposal Creation 


Easy Lead and Proposal Conversion 


Easy Lead and Proposal Conversion

Instantly convert any proposal into an actual event, and simultaneously (or separately) convert the lead into an active client – all with a couple of clicks of the mouse. All proposal details are automatically carried into Event Manager – so you never have to type the same thing more than once. Ever.
If managing prospective leads is a major part of your business, the Prospect Manager is a must-have for your operation.


Guestrooms Manager

Block guestrooms for your overnight guests to correspond with events they are holding with you. Track sleeping room usage and easily report inventory to your front desk personnel.

Guestrooms Manager is the perfect addition for hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, camps, resorts – or an establishment that needs to manage overnight bookings associated with their events. Using this handy tool, you can easily reserve a group of sleeping rooms for guests attending your parties – and even deduct those rooms from an inventory provided by your front desk team.

Group Room Booking 


Group Room Booking

Instantly select room types from a custom list of options, and the program automatically calculates standard rates or even special, seasonal rates. Optionally track separate totals for the number of rooms initially agreed upon versus the number of rooms blocked, an adjusted number and the number actually picked up (or used) by the guests. Choose which of these numbers you want to see on the screen, as well as which number should serve as the financial basis for the contract.


Associated Room Details

In addition to blocking various types of rooms, the Guestrooms Manager also lets you track other associated details for each rooms contract. Custom room taxes can be assigned and even edited on-the-fly; a detailed rooming list of specific guests staying in each room can be created; billing responsibility for restaurant charges, incidentals, etc. can be established and more.


Associated Room Details 


Total Group Rooms Management 


Total Group Rooms Management

Easily track group room usage in a variety of powerful, flexible ways. Attractive, detailed reports give you instantaneous access to valuable information; optional automatic inventory checking immediately warns you if you exceed a daily or monthly inventory of rooms; powerful query tools give you any results you need in flexible detail grids or in colorful charts and graphs. All the information you need to manager your group rooms is available right at your fingertips!

The Caterease Guestrooms Manager specifically focuses on sleeping rooms booked in conjunction with your events, and acts as a perfect complement to your front desk system.


Enterprise Query

Seamlessly combine data from multiple corporate locations for the purpose of running enterprise-level reports and custom queries. See the big picture instantly!

The powerful Caterease Enterprise Query is far more than just a reporting tool. Designed for corporations with multiple Caterease installations, this powerful tool lets you collect data from those various locations and pool it into one large database to run custom queries and reports.

Remote Connections 


Remote Connections

As easy-to-use as Caterease itself, the Enterprise Query tool lets you quickly retrieve data from as many disparate locations as you want. Simply establish a connection to each of your remote locations, even optionally color-coding each location for easier reference. Then you can download the data whenever you want, or even schedule downloads to occur automatically.

Limitless Results

Instantly find answers to virtually any questions by using almost any event details to build custom queries. Search for events during a certain date range, or those with a particular status or sales representative – or a host of other options. Results are displayed in a flexible detail grid – where you can customize which columns of information are shown, sort or group the data and even save the custom grid views you create for future use. Any information you could possibly need about events across your entire corporation is right there at your fingertips!


Limitless Results 


Customizable Calendar Display 


Customizable Calendar Display

In addition to the powerful query features available in this exciting tool, the graphic Scheduler is a valuable way to examine all of your corporate events. View details of your parties in a month-at-glance view, a week-at-a-glance, a day-at-a-glance or even a custom work-week-at-a-glance view – all the while evaluating their specific details in the grid at the bottom of the display.

The Caterease Guestrooms Manager specifically focuses on sleeping rooms booked in conjunction with your events, and acts as a perfect complement to your front desk system.


The powerful Caterease Enterprise Query is truly the perfect solution for corporations with multiple locations. Part querying tool, part custom report writer, part robust calendar display – this innovative tool brings the power and sophistication of Caterease Software to the enterprise level.

Network Users

Access the program with multiple users simultaneously, while optionally limiting access through powerful program security settings.

Have as many concurrent Caterease users as you need to run your business smoothly.

Multiple Concurrent Users 


Multiple Concurrent Users

Both the desktop and hosted solutions of Caterease allow you to have as many users as you need sharing the program concurrently. Every user sees live Caterease data, and any changes made by any user are instantly reflected across the network. Caterease Connect users are given individual login credentials to access the program from anywhere, while users of the desktop program can be easily given access through your local network.


Security and Control

Each user in both the desktop and hosted solution can have his own specific set of security permissions, prohibiting him from viewing certain information or from performing certain functions. User Groups can be established so common settings only need to be setup once and then applied to any number of users. You can even connect program security to your Active Directory – so the program recognizes users from their Windows (or Caterease Connect) login credentials and automatically assigns their security settings accordingly. With Caterease, you are always in control!


Security and Control 


Usage Tracking 


Usage Tracking

Handy archive reports within the program allow you track various changes made by each user – including the date the change was made and the name of the user who made it. Contact history notes and reminders – created using the powerful Contact Manager addin – are automatically assigned to the user who creates them, and can be easily tracked and reviewed.

Manage multiple users of your Caterease program and track their various activities easily with the Caterease networking tools.


Input Customization

Don’t waste your time doing the mundane initial data-entry of your default menus, tax rates, logos, banquet rooms and other details. Send us all of your data, and let the Caterease team set your program up for you. You’ll be booking orders right out of the box!

Save valuable time

Save Valuable Time

Our trained Caterease professionals have been doing data-input for years. They know the best way to do it, and they get it done fast! Of course, nothing is hard-coded – any changes or additions you want to make can be done at any time.

Get it done right

Get It Done Right

Our trained Caterease professionals have been doing data-input for years. They know the best way to do it, and they get it done fast! Of course, nothing is hard-coded – any changes or additions you want to make can be done at any time.

Let us do the work

Let Us Do the Work

Send us your information, and our team will do all the work! The list of data our team will input includes:

  • Your company information – including name, address, phone/fax numbers, website, email address, etc.
  • Your food/service menus – including food, beverage, liquor, equipment rental and other items.
  • Names of all Caterease users.
  • Your tax, service charge and gratuity rates.
  • Your company logo.
  • Your custom form (merge) letters (with the purchase of Marketing Tools).
  • Banquet room names, setup styles, maximum guest capacities and room relationships.
  • Sleep room types and charges (with the purchase of Guestrooms Manager).



Seamlessly pass all financial information – optionally including line item details and even payment information – directly from Caterease into your favorite accounting package.

Our incredible interface with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online allows for the direct transfer of comprehensive event data*. Caterease will instantly create a detailed invoice in your QuickBooks program – individually or even in batch – and will automatically link this invoice to the appropriate client (or create a new client when necessary). Any changes to the Caterease event can be instantly updated in QuickBooks, so you always have the most current and accurate information.

The Sage 50 interface offers a comprehensive export/import file that can be easily and instantly produced in Caterease and then imported into your Sage 50 application. This file contains detailed general ledger information, and can also be re-exported as often as possible to capture changes made to Caterease events.

Take the worry out of managing your financial information – and ensure the accuracy of your important data – with the powerful Caterease accounting interfaces.

* Direct interface is not available from Caterease Connect (online) to QuickBooks Desktop. An export/import interface is required with this configuration.

View videos on the QuickBooks Interface:

Constant Contact


Simplify your email marketing campaigns by instantly creating custom email marketing lists directly from your Caterease program.Using any of the powerful query tools available throughout the program, you can create a custom list of email recipients – filtering the list based on virtually any event or client details. Once a list has been created, you can instantly export it as a custom email list for Constant Contact.

Take advantage of the wealth of data in your Caterease program – and the powerful tools for tracking that data – to quickly build the perfect targeted lists for your various email campaigns.


Social Tables


Create beautiful, detailed diagrams of your event space easily and link those diagrams back to specific Caterease parties using one or our intuitive room diagramming interfaces. Once you’ve chosen a venue for your event, simply click the Social Tables or AllSeated button located right there on your Caterease screen. The third-party diagramming application opens on the default diagram for that space, allowing you quickly populate it with tables, chairs and other important design elements. Close the diagram, and you are brought right back to the party you were on – without missing a beat! Click the same button again in the future, and you will be able to edit that diagram you created – all the while maintaining its link to your Caterease program. You can even copy an event and its detailed diagram instantly in Caterease – saving immeasurable time on repeat parties!

Share your vision of how a party should be designed – in glorious, colorful detail – with the Caterease room diagramming interfaces.

Paperless Proposal

Bring your proposals to life and make them stand out from the crowd with the amazing Caterease online proposals interface.Choose any custom Caterease documents from any event and instantly pass them into your Paperless Proposals program – where you can dress them up with audio, video and all the other flashy elements of the web. Rather than receiving a basic, bland proposal, your customer gets a show – a powerful representation of the event you envision for them!

Update proposal files at any time quickly and easily, so your customer always has the latest event information.

Bring your proposals to life and give your customers a presentation they’ll never forget – with the Caterease-Paperless Proposals interface.


Our powerful interface with Zuppler Online Ordering lets you give your customers the option of booking their own orders via the web. Using this user-friendly interface, you can promote daily deals or discounts, offer your customers multiple menu item selections or modifiers, accept payment in a completely PCI compliant environment and more. Once the order is submitted, it is automatically pulled into Caterease to be optionally accepted as a new event. Sign up today and watch your business grow!

  • Get orders real-time within Caterease
  • Accept payments in a PCI-compliant environment
  • Optionally use available Credit Card Processing
  • Promote daily deals and discounts
  • Include service charges & gratuities in order totals
  • Allow for Group Ordering

* Not compatible with the Express Version of Caterease


Go completely paperless by obtaining legally-binding electronic signatures with the powerful Caterease-DocuSign interface. Insert DocuSign placeholders requesting signatures, initials and more anywhere throughout your custom Caterease prints – and even insert them on the fly on special notes or comments with the event itself! Then you can quickly send documents and manage them easily right in your Caterease program.

Stay on top of all of your important event documents with our easy, intuitive DocuSign interface.






Caterease provides comprehensive menu management tools right within the program – including the ability to create detailed, scalable ingredient lists and accurately measure cost and profit. However, if you have already entered that information in a separate menu management application, you can leverage that effort by using one of our powerful interfaces.Caterease can determine menu usage for a single party or entire range of parties, determining which items have been ordered and in what quantities – and then export these details in a proprietary format for importing into Food-Trak, CostGuard, ChefTec or Yellow Dog Software. Once the information has been imported, you can use that third-party program to generate shopping lists and other detailed reports. You can even edit menu item costing in your third-party menu management program and then pull that updated detail into your Caterease menus quickly and easily.

Don’t waste time inputting the same information into two different programs. Share important information across applications easily with the incredible Caterease inventory/costing interfaces.



Caterease gives you flexible, powerful tools to quickly and easily schedule staff for your various events. However, if you are already using certain third-party staffing applications, Caterease can pass detailed shift information from your events into that application for easier employee management.One quick mouse click at the bottom of an event allows you to pass all shift details – positions, times and even numbers of employees required – to StaffMate Online. In StaffMate, you can then allow employees to select their own shifts – and then you can manage their schedules quickly and easily in that program.

Whether you want to manage employees for an event within Caterease itself, or handle scheduling in one of these third-party application, Caterease has the tools you need to make the job easier.


Easily share all Caterease event information with online reservation software so colleagues can view an up-to-date schedule of your events wherever they are.Using a simple export wizard, you can collect details of all events or even events up to a fixed date in the future – and then instantly send that information to GuestBridge for posting on the web. Coworkers or other individuals with access to your GuestBridge calendar will then be able to see your availability at-a-glance.

Give your team the information they need easily with our online reservations interface.

PayPal Partner

Imagine quickly and easily processing your customer’s credit card payment directly through your Caterease program – using one of our slick, new credit card payment interfaces!

These interfaces allow you to save time and business management with a single solution for all your payment needs. They eliminate the hassle of trying to get products from different vendors to work together and offer a wide range of options to get you paid quickly. Easily add features as your business grows.

Both options let you offer all the different payment options that customers demand, so you can make more sales and grow your business with confidence. We take care of getting you paid, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Web Tools – Web Inquiry

web_toolsTurn visitors to your website into valuable leads – seamlessly and easily! Using the handy Caterease Web Inquiry tool, you can build a quick, custom form to collect information from the various people who explore your company’s website – and have that information instantly submitted as a new lead in your Caterease program! Choose any details you want your client to submit – including custom fields!

Have these new clients submitted into your Caterease program as new customers (Account Manager) or prospective leads (Prospect Manager).

Post your custom form on your company’s website or FaceBook page. Make it easy to find new customers – or to have them find you – with the Caterease Web Inquiry tool!

Maintenance Agreement

maintenanceFree updates, enhanced support, keeping you on the cutting edge of technology – like everything else we do, the Caterease Maintenance Plan is setting the industry standard. Caterease offers the most comprehensive and low-cost maintenance plan imaginable (FREE for our Caterease Connect users). We update our software multiple times each year, adding hundreds of exciting new features and enhancements. While other software vendors charge exorbitant amounts (up to 50% of the original purchase price) for updates with a fraction of the power, Caterease updates are completely free for Maintenance Plan subscribers.

Perhaps we should repeat that: multiple updates each year, hundreds of features and enhancements, more than a million dollars of annual development – absolutely free to every customer with a current Maintenance Contract! As if you need more incentive to subscribe to this annual plan, check out these other incredible benefits:

Free, Unlimited Technical Support – Call or email with any Caterease issue or question.

Free Updates– Multiple updates every year with hundreds of enhancements.

Discounted Prices on Optional Modules – Various add-ins to the basic program are available at discounted prices.

Included Free with Caterease Connect Subscription – The Maintenance Plan – with its free tech support and free updates – is included in the annual subscription to Caterease Connect.