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    Caterease Software:
    Nothing Else Even Comes Close

    Caterease is software the way it ought to be - attractive screen displays, logical design, powerful, user-friendly environment. Come discover what over 30,000 event management professionals worldwide already know: Caterease is the software you’d invent yourself, if you had the time.

  • Caterease Web Tools

    Caterease Software:
    Web Tools

    Caterease web tools are a logical extension to the flexibility and power of the Caterease program. From online customer ordering and detailed web calendars to dazzling, custom web proposals or other event documents, these optional modules are a state-of-the-art addition to your overall software solution.

  • Caterease Addins

    Caterease Software:

    Customize the perfect Caterease solution for your operation, choosing from an array of addin modules including Marketing Tools to create custom, eye-catching event prints, Contact Manager to track future reminders and history notes, and much more!

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Caterease offers the perfect solution for any operation. Our Desktop product offers more power and flexibility than anything on the market, while our Web-Based product offers the same application plus the added benefit of access from anywhere!

Michael Roman - The Catering Guru

We at Caterease Software join our users and the catering industry at large in expressing our shock and sadness to learn of the passing of Michael Roman. His enthusiasm, knowledge and vision for all things catering were revolutionary and refreshing; his imprint on this industry will never fade.

Our prayers are with his family and many friends at this time.



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