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Collecting and managing payments in Caterease is easier than you can imagine with the powerful HPay Payment Processing tools. 


Store tokenized cards on file, send payment links to customers, process groups of payments in batch. Save time and make money – literally! 

Seamless Caterease Integration

Instant Onboarding

Competitive Rates

Custom Payment Links

Backed by Leading Financial Institutions

Easy Payment Refunds

We really are as amazing as we say! Contact a sales rep today and find out for yourself.

Banking Where You Do Business

Caterease-Branded Debit Card

HPay and HFinance Are Better Together

Reliable Secure Banking by J.P Morgan

Our powerful embedded banking tools allow you instant access to your money – and let you easily transfer funds to vendors, employees and more! 

**Caterease is not a bank. Banking services are provided through our bank partner, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA; Member FDIC**

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Introducing HPay Payment Processing!