Help Your Guests Envision The Perfect Event

Redesign your world with the touch of a finger. Placez is a revolutionary event diagramming for the next generation. With the use of state-of-the-art, AR (Augmented Realty) technology, Placez brings your events to life. Become a Founding Member today. 

Watch Placez In Action!

Watch a quick 2 minute video to get an overview of Placez. Establish setup styles, place custom objects, and design the perfect space. 

The Future of Diagramming Software

Design and collaborate on custom diagrams – using flexible, state-of-the-art tools

Custom 2D and 3D rendering


Augmented Reality to place objects in the space without all of the setup


Reports and dashboards to track important information


Seamless integration with Caterease


Any users, anytime, anywhere