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9 Unconventional Wedding Catering Ideas
23 Oct: 9 Unconventional Wedding Catering Ideas

Are you tired of typical wedding catered meals? Looking for something a little different than the others? Is your wedding in an area that has a limited amount of caterers with a few caterers offering the same options? As you read through this article of 9 unconventional wedding catering ideas we have cooked up for…

How to Start A Home-Based Catering Business
02 Oct: How to Start A Home-Based Catering Business

It's an exciting time for caterers. Consumer spending is on the rise as of the end of August 2018. With a rise in consumer spending, comes a rise in catered events. This success is inspiring many people to start their own catering business. For many aspiring caterers, it all begins as a home-based business. It's…

How to Improve the Event Experience for Guests
25 Sep: How to Improve the Event Experience for Guests

You're an event manager. As a planner of gatherings of people for various different occasions, you manage staff, come up with creative ideas, and make sure each event is a success. However, no matter how hard you try, not every event will go well. That's why you’ve got to keep using your creativity to tie…

Catering Websites That Deliver Value
16 Sep: Catering Websites That Deliver Outstanding Value

Whether your marketing team is considering building a new website or looking to revamp your current one, you've landed on the right page. We compiled and condensed a checklist of the key features that your website needs to increase leads and gain new customers. Like the rest of your sales staff, the pages of your…

Labor Day Blog
29 Aug: Labor Day Event Ideas

Labor Day is known as the closeout holiday to the summer season. Even though most people are off work and kids are out of school, it's a busy time for many event managers. As an event manager, your goal should be to get as creative as possible and give your event guests something memorable as…

Vantiv New
27 Aug: New Feature: The Caterease Payment Link

The Caterease Payment Link feature through Vantiv/Worldpay is the latest innovative way Caterease Software can save you time and make your workday easier. Using this handy tool, you can quickly send payment links to your customers – individually or in batch – and let the customers make payments themselves!   From any event in Caterease,…

How To Handle Difficult Catering Clients
06 Aug: How To Handle Difficult Catering Clients

It doesn't matter the industry you're in, you are bound to encounter difficult clients. The hospitality industry is known for its high level of hard clientele. Since it's a service-based industry, it’s easy to see why. The catering sector is no exception to this. A successful catering operation is always juggling between the different types…